5 tips to work out with your dog

Dawn Celapino, founder of  Leash Your Fitness wants to bring out the healthy best in you and your dog. Heed her 5 tips to prevent boredom, burn more calories and gain more strength with your best workout buddy – your dog!

TIP 1:  Make your dog walk during a workout walk.  Incorporate exercises along the way to help with your upper body and leg strength.

TIP 2:  Pick up the pace — don’t let rover pull you all over!  Be in control and do a power walk or add hills to burn more calories.

TIP 3:  Incorporate your dog during your stretching and yoga poses.  Your dog reads your energy, so at the end of the day, try to do purposeful stretches and remain calm — your dog will follow suit.

TIP 4:  Be creative when you exercise by taking your dog rollerblading, kayaking, hiking, surfing, etc.  These activities break up the ho-hum routine of just doing daily walks.

TIP 5:  Always incorporate dog commands and games during your workout. Mentally challenge your dog and make learning new things fun for the both of you.

** Please be a responsible parent and –- pick up after your dog!**

Learn more about how you can keep you and your dog fit and happy by checking out the Leash Your Fitness website.  Care to share any of your dog-people workout tips/advice?

Leash Your Fitness coach Dawn Celapino and dog, Jack help you get fit.


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  1. As a long time dog lover and exercise fan, my dog and I love long walks together along with sprinting. He also works out chasing me around the house 😉 Great column!

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