Venturing for the First Time on Google+ Hangouts with Zeki The Cool Cat

I’ve never been afraid of technological advances and I have no problems stumbling through and taking on a learning curve. So, when I was invited to be a guest on “That Show with Tibby” — a Google+ Plus Hangout show featuring Tibby, a brown-striped large cat, and his pet person, Billy Wilson, I happily said, sure.  So, with the help of a very patient Google+ staffer named Andrea Ruiz, we set up my new Mac Air to be ready for the show.

We taped the show on Oct. 11 with my cat, Zeki and I positioned in front of the video cam on my laptop inside my office. Zeki was ‘enticed’ with her favorite treat: low-sodium deli turkey. She sported her famous white-with-purple-trim harness and perched on the middle landing of her cat tree during the show. I swear she knows instinctively where the cameras are and did her best posing.

We thank Billy and Tibby for the opportunity and want to invite you to catch the episode. Click here for the YouTube link. And catch up on the latest adventures of Zeki, the ONLY cat teaching assistant in the entire Pet Tech first aid program by becoming one of her faithful feline fans on her Facebook page: Zeki The Cool Cat. And sign up for a pet first aid class today taught by Arden Moore by clicking here.

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