USA Today Spotlights Arden Moore’s Dog Party Talents

I confess I have many identities in the pet world. While I am now best known as the Pet Health and Safety Coach, I am also known as a paw-ty animal. You see, I wrote the book, Dog Parties: How to Party with Your Pup and founded National Dog Party Day. Each year, we would stage dog parties throughout the country with a dual mission: to engage people and their dogs in purposeful play and raise money for small to medium-sized pet charities.

USA Today recently reached out to me to unleash some of my dog party tips and tricks for their special pet magazine that hit newsstands this month. USA Today reporter Amy Sinatra Ayres accurately captured my dog party mission in this four-page feature.  Here are some of my dog party planning tips to share with you:

  • Choose your guest list carefully. Make sure the dogs are up to date on their vaccines, healthy, social and like each other.
  • Pick the right location. The number of dogs on your invite list will determine the best party place. For five dogs or less, you could stage the party in your fenced-in backyard. Parties of 10 dogs or more require more supervision, so consider a dog-training center or renting out a dog park.
  • Serve dog-safe food. Ask if any dogs on the guest list have any food allergies and avoid dishing up human foods that could be dangerous to dogs (like chocolate cake). Also, if you serve people food and alcohol for your two-legged guests, make sure they are out of paw’s reach.
  • Choose interactive games to bolster the bond between people and their dogs. My favorite games are Snoopy Says, Canine Musical Chairs and Canine Tunnel of Love.

Face it, when it comes to party invites, you know you will have a pawsome time at a dog party. You will get to revel in the moment, hang out with your dog and enjoy being in a good mood. Paw-ty on!


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