Tips for dog lovers

tips for dog ownersTIP 1: Dogs come in all sizes, shapes and temperaments. The 150-plus breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club range in size from teacup to linebacker. Some breeds – such as corgies and collies – have been genetically engineered to herd, while others – such as beagles and bloodhounds – are geared to be supreme sniffers. Although there are plenty of exceptions within breeds, a Labrador retriever is far more likely in general to jump in a lake after a tossed tennis ball than is a Japanese chin who prefers snuggling in your lap to swimming laps.

TIP 2: Basic Training: The best way to make your dog happy and content is to give him a clear idea of your house rules. Basic obedience training is the foundation of your relationship with your dog, but there’s no need to act like Moses and bark out doggy commandments from the mountaintop. Instead, practice the three Cs: be clear, consistent and concise in your training.

TIP 3: If your dog is up to mischief, practice redirection instead of yelling at him. Call his name to focus his attention on you. Then ask him for a more appropriate behavior (“sit” or “gimme paw”) and reward his good behavior.

TIP 4: Test your dog’s IQ by playing blanket peek-a-boo. Have your dog stand. Then drape a small blanket over his head, covering his eyes. Time how long it takes him to shake off the blanket. Brainy dogs figure it out within 15 seconds.TIP 05: Reinforce commands during training sessions with tiny pieces of treats. The small size is easy to chew and swallow quickly, and little treats won’t cause major weight gains. After each gulf, your dog should be eager for another and more motivated to pay attention and respond to your next request.

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