Tips for Camping with Your Dog

Dawn Celapino, founder of Leash Your Fitness, a people-dog workout class, is giving new meaning to the term, pup tent. That’s because she is organizing the third annual LYF weekend camping trip in San Diego County that will include 22 people and 18 dogs!

As founder of Four Legged Life, I am happy to share her latest blog from her site. She and Jack, her cool, athletic Cairn terrier, want to ensure that you play it safe when camping with your dog. Read on!

This weekend the Leash Your Fitness family is going camping! We are really excited as this is our 3rd annual camping trip and the other two were loads of fun!  There are a few things that you should be aware of when taking your dogs camping and we want to share them with you:

1/ Find out where the nearest 24 hour vet is.  You never EXPECT a medical emergency but if your dog gets biten by a rattlesnake or anything else tragic–you want to know where to go and FAST!  Also, take a first aid kit with you for minor accidents.

2/ Are there ticks in the area where you are going and is your dog protected?   Some flea medicines, like Comfortis, do not cover ticks so make sure Fido has coverage.  Know how to get a tick off in case your dog does get one.  There are little devices that you can buy or there are many ways to remove a tick. Whatever you do, DON’T try to burn it off, that isn’t a good idea for your furry friend.

3/ Don’t forget: an extra leash, collar, any dog meds and enough food/ treats.  If your dog has short hair, you may consider a thermal jacket or something to keep him warm.  Also, bring a bed, towel or pillow for your dog to sleep on.  Our dogs are spoiled and used to sleeping in warm houses just like us!

4/ Are dogs allowed on the trails where you are going?  Many state parks do not allow dogs on the trails.  Make sure you check all of the rules before you depart.  There is nothing worse than showing up and not being able to go anywhere because “No dogs allowed” signs are posted.

5/ Preparing your dog is a must:  you may want to put the tent up before you go and do a “practice run” and you don’t want to plan on hiking 6 miles if Fido is only used to walking around the block.   Build up to the trip and it will make it a much better experience for everyone.

Camping with your dog is a lot of fun in the right setting.  Research the area and ask other dog owners if they have camped in the area where you intend to go.  Have fun and let us know about your experience! If you want to check out our pictures from last years trip, click here. Stay tuned for pictures of this years adventure.

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