TGIF-K9 Style: Thank Gosh It’s Fur-i-Day – Time to Play!

All work and no play can make us two-leggers feeling stressed and acting grumpy. Earlier today, I invited a couple neighbor dogs — Stan the miniature Poodle and Buddy the no-so-miniature Schnauzer to a backyard play date with my dogs, Chipper (Golden retriever-Husky) and Cleo (12-pound mystery mutt).

Within a minute, Stan the Man let out a friendly yelp and plopped into a play bow and the fun began. Check out the short video of this fun foursome dashing and romping and enjoying one another’s company.

Dogs do learn a lot from us, but when we give them the opportunity, they can teach us a lot about getting the most out of life. Play — it does a body good! That’s the “woof” message today from Arden Moore, the Pawsitive Coach(tm) and Four Legged


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