Real Men Love Cats – Mike Veny Proves It!

Face it, real men love cats! Are you MAN enough to share your story about a cool cat? Come on! Let’s get this started by sharing this story submitted by Mike Veny, a top-rate drummer from Syosset, New York, who talks about his mom’s cats, Oreo and Savannah. Be sure to click on this YouTube video that features this feline duo!

Mike writes: Since my first experience with pets as a young child, I’ve been intrigued by the way they interact with people. I currently live in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets, but I have the pleasure of interacting with my mother’s cats several times a week.

*Meet Oreo*

I’ve found Oreo to be a very unique cat. He’s very calm and passive. He’s also easily alarmed and afraid of everything. Recently, he’s been getting fat. Personally, I think he needs to get on an exercise routine, get a hobby, or get a job. My mom tries to get him to move around, but he just wants to lie around and nap. Occasionally, he will move about when Savannah attacks him. She tends to randomly attack his neck. He moves her away and will lightly hiss at her, but it’s not that effective. I constantly wonder how about how life would be for Oreo if her were out in the wild. Would he survive? Would other cats bully him?

*Meet Savannah*

When Savannah first came home, she could fit into my hand. She was an energetic kitten who explored everything. I would try to hold her on lap as I typed on the computer. As I mentioned before, she likes to attack Oreo’s neck…and mine. What is it about necks that are so enticing to her? Does she have a neck fetish? Unlike Oreo, Savannah isn’t scared of anything. She doesn’t even meow. In fact, she tries to meow, but instead of a meow, she makes a “beep” sound. I stepped on her foot one day by accident. My mom and I heard her belt out a very strange sound. The she ran away. She was scared of me for awhile; she has trusted me more lately.


Cats are curious and so am I. I constantly wonder what they are thinking and feeling. Do they love me or hate me? When I leave, do they miss me? Regardless, I look forward to my next experience with Oreo and Savannah as a social situation full of surprises.

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