Play It Safe – Enroll in Arden’s Pet Safety, CPR and Wellness Class

Pet Tech's Thom Somes and family congratulate Arden Moore for becoming a certifed instructor.

If your cat started choking, would you know what to do? What if your dog severely cut his leg on a hike miles away from a veterinary clinic – how would you response? In a pet emergency, every minute counts. It is for that reason that I recently enrolled in the comprehensive Pet Tech training program to become a certified instructor to teach pet first aid, CPR, safety and wellness.

For me, it was the logical piece of the pet puzzle missing from my knowledge base. As editor of two magazines, host of a top pet radio show, author, media consultant and animal behavior specialists, I enjoy bringing harmony to households for both people and pets. But, now I can go a step further and really help people possibly skirt pet health problems and give them the hands-on training they need should their dog or cat stop breathing, choke, get wounded or other calamity.

Pet Tech’s founder is Thom Somes, best known as The Pet Safety Guy. He has dedicated his life to keeping dogs and cats healthy and safe. Why, Homeland Security honchos checked out various pet first aid programs and selected Pet Tech as the one they felt was best suited to train their dog handlers.

If you want real hands-on training using demo dogs and take home more than 50 actionable tips you can put into use right now to benefit your pet, give me a call. I am scheduling classes now. I offer two classes: a four-hour and an eight-hour (which can be divided into two sessions). All students will receive a training manual and certificates upon completion. We love our pets – heck we even spoil them with fancy outfits, healthy treats and other pet accessories. Here’s your opportunity to show your dog or cat how much you really love them by taking my class. And, we even offer a phone app you can download that contains vital pet care info you can access literally at the swipe of your finger!

Pet professionals — pet sitters, dog trainers, boarding operators, groomers and more — you will win more clients when they know you have been trained in pet first aid and safety. I know it gives me peace of mind any time Chipper and Cleo use any of these services.

For classes, fees and more details, please contact Arden

and visit Four Legged Life, Arden’s online pet community. I promise you will be “edu-tained” by my teaching style and feel more empowered to know what to do when your pet needs you the most. I also invite you to learn more about Pet Tech by clicking here. And, if you download the Pet Savers App off their site, plug in the code word: Arden. Thanks!


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  1. Hi Arden, Love your new addition about Pet Tech. I’m still struggling with getting my web page finalized and published (not ready yet). I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know you at the Pet Tech class and would love to stay in touch. Take care and good luck with your new Pet Tech adventure.

    Oh, one question……do you have insurance that is covering you when you teach? I seem to be having trouble pinning this down.

    Take care.

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