Pet First Aid 4U company founder Arden Moore says the most important thing to do is stay calm. That, and channel your inner “Mutt-gyver(tm)” by using items you are wearing or have within reach to use as makeshift pet first aid tools to stabilize your dog and transport him to the nearest veterinary clinic.

For example, protect yourself from a potential dog bite while treating your injured dog by fashioning your dog’s nylon leash into a muzzle restraint. Pluck out a bee stinger from your dog’s belly by using your credit card.


“Knowing what to do — and what NOT to do — in a pet emergency is critical,” says Moore, a nationally recognized pet first aid/CPR instructor and animal behavior consultant based in Dallas and San Diego. “That is why I started Pet First Aid 4U, because I wanted to teach people what to do in a real-life emergency, when it is unlikely that you have a pet first aid kit handy. I also developed my own curriculum because I wanted it to be customizable for specific pet professionals. My company does a lot of in-service training for pet sitting companies, dog daycares, grooming facilities and more. All these businesses have slightly different needs, and customizing pet first aid training to their work situations just makes sense.”

In classes taught throughout the country, Moore teaches the most current pet first aid techniques. Her classes are unique in that they typically feature her very own animals — her Pet Safety Dog Chipper and Pet Safety Cat Casey. Her four-legged assistants give students the chance to hone skills on a real dog and cat.

Already a best-selling author of more than two dozen dog and cat books, Arden Moore is on a mission to bring pet first aid techniques to the masses. “In our classes, we replace the panic pet parents feel with a can-do confidence, so pet parents can truly be their pet’s best health ally when minutes count,” says Moore. “We teach students to be ‘pet detectives.’ They learn to look for clues and then act quickly to stabilize, immobilize and transport their pets safely to the nearest veterinary clinic.”

After Moore wrote the training curriculum for Pet First Aid 4U, she had it reviewed by leading veterinarians across the country to make sure it was accurate and as up to date as possible. She was humbled by the fact that after reviewing her class curriculum, these same experts also wanted to endorse her pet first aid training classes.

“America’s Veterinarian” and best-selling author Dr. Marty Becker, DVM, says, “I highly recommend Arden Moore’s Pet First Aid 4U program. The curriculum contains the latest in pet first aid, taught by a passionate leader in the field of pet first aid and safety.”

Dr. Arnold Plotnick, DVM, a renowned veterinarian specializing in feline medicine at Manhattan Cats Specialists in New York City, was glad to see that Pet First Aid 4U classes address emergency and preventive care for cats. “There is no one more qualified than Arden Moore when it comes to educating pet owners about canine and feline first aid,” says Dr. Plotnick. “As the author of dozens of books on pet health and behavior, Arden is an invaluable source of information on keeping pets both physically and mentally fit.”


Dr. Mike LoSasso, DVM, an emergency medicine veterinarian in Dallas, adds, “As an emergency veterinarian, I wish my clients would do two things: insure their pets, and take a pet first aid course like the one offered by Pet First Aid 4U.”

Joining the Pet First Aid 4U team to concentrate on pet first aid classes in Boston and San Diego is Rob Nager, a veteran pet first aid/CPR instructor and founder of Decadent Dog, a full service pet care company. “I am so honored to be part of the genesis of Pet First Aid 4U program and look forward to working with Arden to substantially raise the bar in this important market segment,” says Nager. “Arden has produced an original pet CPR and first aid program that is leaps and bounds above any program I’ve seen to date.”

Moore and Nager are available to conduct classes to the public as well as in-service training to pet professional groups, including pet sitters, groomers, dog trainers, veterinary technicians and more. To learn more, please visit

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