So, just who IS Arden Moore?

pet industry professional Arden MooreWell, let’s go back to my childhood. I grew up in a Brady Bunch-like family in a town called Crown Point, located in Northwest Indiana.

Until winning a couple high school state titles in girls’ basketball in the 1980s, this sleepy Hoosier town had earned notoriety as the place where bank robber John Dillinger escaped from the county jail in the 1930s by fooling the local sheriff with a “gun” carved from a bar of soap and blackened with shoe polish.

I was fortunate to grow up on the outskirts of town with a backyard that rolled into the shoreline of a fresh water lake. Summers found me training my cat, Corky, to swim and learning how to turn double plays on the softball diamond.

Winters were spent building snow-fortified forts and going full throttle on the family snow mobile across the frozen lake surface.

By my first year in high school, I quickly learned that my future would not be in the world of music. After all, there is not a big demand for people who play the glockenspiel, so I cajoled the editor of the local weekly newspaper into hiring me to be a sports writer.

I discovered I liked putting nouns and verbs together far more than trying to strike the right note on a too-heavy metal instrument with a mallet. As a corn-fed Hoosier, I valued my Midwest roots, but knew I needed to experience other places.

My insatiable curiosity led me to spending the next 20 years chasing stories as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers in Indiana and Florida. From there, I entered the publishing world at the family-owned Rodale Press located in another sleepy town — this one called Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

At Rodale, my “day job” was health writer for the book division, but I moonlighted as a writer for their new magazine called Pets: Part of the Family. There, I realized that I could tap my love of writing and interviewing to help people become healthier and to tout the power of pets. Pets and people — that’s what I am all about.

In fact, I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t at least one tail-wagger in my life.

Today, I happily share my home in Dallas with three dogs, two cats and an overworked vacuum cleaner. Never did I imagine growing up as a glockenspiel-playing teenager in Crown Point would I one day see my name on dozens of books and hundreds of magazine articles.

I feel fortunate to have hit the right note — finally!

Meet Arden’s Terrific Trio

Kona Arden Moores Dog


After spending her first 18 months in two shelters, Kona connected with Arden instantly. This young terrier mix is a proud “alum” of the Rancho Coastal Animal Shelter, digs dogs and cats, never turns down the chance for a walk and is discovering the fun of fetching flying discs. She aced her AKC Canine Good Citizen test within one month of being adopted by Arden and is now a certified Therapy Dog. Kona frequently teams up with Casey for Arden’s pet first aid and pet behavior classes.

Casey Arden Moores Cat


Casey charmed Arden during a pet mobile adoption event sponsored by the San Diego Humane Society, becoming her first kitten in 15 years and first orange tabby. This unapologetic feline foodie works his charm on anyone with a plate of food. Casey loves to learn, quickly mastering leash walking as well as sitting and touching paws on cue. Nicknamed the Feline George Clooney, Casey often sports a bow tie during appearances and loves to give paw-to-hand hellos to everyone he meets. His sweet, outgoing demeanor makes him an ideal feline demo cat, assisting Arden in teaching hands-on pet first aid classes and pet behavior seminars all over the country. He visits the Brookdale Memory Care Center where he is completing his certification to be a therapy cat!


Cleo (a miniature Poodle-Basset Hound mix – confirmed by a DNA test) escaped the mean streets and now lives for warming laps, taking long car rides and serving as Arden’s office manager. She has yet to meet a stranger and landed in the Guinness World Records with the So Cal Surf Dogs team for most dogs on a surfboard (17). She teaches Arden that little dogs sport big hearts. Click here for her surf slide show with a song! Cleo the K9 Surfer