I woke up this morning to read a wonderful email from my Pet Life Radio producer Mark Winter. He just got notified by my show, Oh Behave, has been picked as one of the top three pet podcasts by the one and only, Oprah! Wow!

For the past decade, I have hosted this half-hour podcast that has features a virtual who’s who in the pet industry and the pet-loving celebrity world. Among my guests have included the ageless Betty White, Dr. Marty Becker, Jackson Galaxy of My Cat From Hell fame, Jennifer Aniston, Amy Schumer, Garfield the Cat creator Jim Davis, Brendan McMillan of CBS-TV’s Lucky Dog Show, Steve Wozniak, David Frei, Dean Koontz, Katherine Heigl, Mandy Moore, Tamar Geller and Lily Tomlin.

One of my favorite guests is quick-witted Tim Conway. I asked him the name of his dog. His reply: “I don’t know. He has never told me his name.”  Classic Tim Conway!

Here’s the link to the Oprah pet podcast announcement:


And, here’s an excerpt:

Oh Behave!
Animal-loving host: Arden Moore

Tall tails: If you want to understand why your dog gets spooked at the vet or how to enrich your indoor cat’s life, pet first-aid instructor and behavioral consultant Moore has answers. Her program digs into aspects of animal behavior both adorable and aggravating, and includes tributes to military dogs, pet fashion tips (be wary of fur-related Velcro injuries), and Q&As with everyone from ur-pet-lover Betty White to emergency vets.

Read more: http://www.oprah.com/inspiration/podcasts-for-people-who-are-obsessed-with-animals#ixzz59YvkuUy8

I am honored to be named by Oprah and committed to fulfilling my motto: “To bring out the best in pets…and their people” through my radio show, my books, my speaking appearances and my pet first aid and pet behavior classes.  I invite you to tune into the Oh Behave show that now draws more than 750,000 listeners all over the globe. Help us to reach ONE MILLION! And, send me any ideas for possible guests you would like to have on the show!