Look Out! Cats Behind the Wheel!

One word – unbelievable. Just read about a not-so-bright woman in Sioux Falls, SD who was pulled over by a police officer for driving with 15 cats inside her cat. Yep, 15 and not one was in a carrier. They were roaming inside her car as she motored on the highway.  Now here’s a new definition for back seat driver!  In fact, this gal nearly backed into a patrol car at a convenience store parking lot because she couldn’t see out her back window because too many cats were blocking her view. Duh!

I am happy to report that a judge ruled that the cats presented a significant risk not only to this dim woman but the public.  Pets in cars need to be tethered, in carriers and not allowed to lounge on laps or pace around. Care to share any other “hair-raising” pets in cars tales?

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