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As founder of Four Legged Life, I am happy to share this doggy blog post by Jack, the very wise Cairn terrier who teams up with Dawn Celapino to run Leash Your Fitness classes throughout San Diego County.

Now, time to unleash some grrrr-eat advice from Jack!

How much water should I drink?

Why can some people drink diet coke and coffee all day and still function? Aren’t they diuretics that rob your body of fluid? It is true that anything with alcohol and/or caffeine does enhance urination and therefore makes you release more water from your water reserves but they can count toward your water intake. Another source of water could be fruits and vegetables as they are high in water content. The best way to get water is by drinking plain water. You can add lime, lemon or flavored herbal tea in it for flavor to prevent boredom. Here are a few fun facts about your body and water:

* it makes up 60-70% of your body weight
* most of the bodies water is contained in the intracellular space
* every system of your body depends on water
* you lose water through your breath, perspiration, bowel movements, and urine

So, how much should you drink on a daily basis? Many say to drink 8 oz a day but that is a rough estimate. Another way is to divide your body weight by .5 and that is how many ounces of water you should drink. For example, if you are 126 lbs then you should drink 63 ounces of water. Of course if you are exercising, in a hot or humid environment or suffering from certain illnesses like diabetes then you will have to increase your water intake as you will be releasing more water.

Dehydration occurs when you are not taking in more water than you are expending. Not drinking enough water can cause many serious problems in the body including: constipation, kidney stones,headaches, joint and muscle soreness, heartburn, water retention and it could also cause you to retain fat. But how do you know if you are hydrated? Some signs to look for if you are a bit dehydrated: bright yellow or dark urine, feeling thirsty, fatigue, and dry mouth.

So to answer the question: How much water should I drink? That depends on a many factors but just remember that your body relies on water for a lot of things and the same goes for your dog so make sure you have fresh water out at all times for Fido!!

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