Is Easter going to the dogs?

On Easter morning, Chipper, Cleo and I will “paw-ticipate” in a holiday first: an Easter egg hunt hosted by Dawn Celapino, our Leash Your Fitness coach. She promises no chocolate bunnies – or live ones for that matter.
So, I’m curious as a cat to discover just what type of “egg” fit for canines will be used for this sniff-and-find fun event.
My question to you: What do you think about including dogs — and cats and other pets — in celebrating holidays? Care to share details from any creative “howl-i-days” you and your dogs enjoyed? And finally, any tips on how I can get Chipper and Cleo to find the hidden treasures and not be distracted? Happy Easter everyone — including you TAIL-WAGGERS!

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  1. Today we had an Easter egg hunt filled with doggy and human treats. The winner who found the most eggs got to take home a goody bag filled with prizes for everyone in the house! Last year we coated the eggs with Peanut Butter but that was a real mess so this year we left it up to chance. If you care to visit Jack’s blog (Jack is my dog) –we posted a few photos of our “hunt” and our Easter workout class to burn off all of that Easter candy. Thanks for coming and bringing the girls, Arden!

  2. I ALWAYS include my babies in the holidays. Halloween we took photos at Petco and handed out candy to the trick or treaters, Jupiter was a bat and Lilly was a lobster. Thanksgiving we went to Petco’s first Thanksgiving doggy feast where they had turkey dog food, cranberry treats….etc. Christmas my puppies had dog bone shaped stockings and loads of presents. As you know Jupiter had a 1st barkday pawty at the dog park and Lilly will have one when it’s her barkday. And today for Easter Lilly and I pawticipated in the Leash your Fitness Easter egg hunt and we found 6 eggs, then I went to brunch with friends, after brunch we met at Coronado’s dog beach for some swimming and fun in the sun with our doggy and people friends. For me my dogs are my children and I think they enjoy all the fun activities and holidays as much as I do so I like to include them as much as I can. We hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

  3. Hope everyone has a paw-some Easter (and Persian New Year) yesterday! The rainbow Easter egg above is too cute. Everyone, from two-leggers to four-leggers loves a good hunt, especially when there are treats to be found! So yes, let your hounds have some fun on the howlidays too!

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