Guest Blogger Jackie Roberts Offers Timely Pet Tips for Busy People

You know the look. The one your dog gives you when you’re leaving for work. That look that says, “You’re leaving?! You’re leaving me here all ALONE?!” Your cat may feel the same way, but she just won’t show it until three in the morning when she expels a hairball.

Either way, the feeling of neglecting your beloved pets is heart wrenching, probably to the point where you feel so guilty, you may spoil them a little more than usual. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence, but your pets also just deserve good care. Even with a busy schedule, you can spend quality time with your pets, and take care of their needs. Here’s how.

Buy Pet Supplies Online
Think about it. How much time do you spend at the store buying the things you need to take care of your pet? You have to drive there, shop, load everything in the car, and take it home, and unless you were able to take your pet with you, it’s another hour or two she spent at home without you. Instead, do your pet supply shopping online. You can buy food, toys, treats, and even pet meds online, all from the comfort of your home while your kitty purrs contentedly on your lap, and your dog lies at your feet. Most sites even offer free shipping (under certain conditions), but even if you pay for shipping, think of the time and gas it will save you, not to mention the extra time you get with your pets at home.

Multitask Smartly
Set aside an hour or two over the weekend to watch a few TV shows you’ve recorded on your DVR during the week, or put a feel-good movie on. Then settle yourself on the floor with your pet (or the couch, if they’re allowed up there), and give his coat a good brushing. This does a few things. Brushing your dog’s or cat’s coat helps keep it healthy and shiny, reduces shedding, massages the skin to promote healthy hair growth, and best of all, just feels great for your pet! You get relaxation time, and your furry friend gets lots of attention. Win-win!

Take Your Pet to Work
Admittedly, this isn’t an ideal solution for a cat, bird, fish, or exotic pet. But a dog? Your dog would love you more (if that’s even possible) if he could spend the day with you. Many companies are adopting pet-friendly policies. Allowing employees to bring their dogs to work makes them happy, which improves morale, not to mention productivity. Your company doesn’t allow dogs? Talk to your boss or HR manager. Tell them about the benefits (If you didn’t have to rush home to let your dog out, you could work later when needed, right?). And if you manage it, take time out of your workday to walk your four-legged pal. Maybe play a little ball, or just get in some cuddle time. He’ll be much happier, and so will you.

Giving your pets the proper care and enough time out of your busy day is really just about honoring the commitment you made when you got your pet. You know it’s about much more than just feeding them, giving them toys, and hoping they’ll entertain themselves. Sharing your life with a pet can be rewarding on both ends. Your pet is ever-willing to make the effort. Now it’s up to you.

About Jackie Roberts

Jackie is a writer for 1-800-PetMeds, and loves to help and support the pet community. You can find Pet Meds on Twitter or connect with Pet Meds on Facebook.

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