Great Pet Travel Tips from Pet Safety Lady and Bark Buckle Up

At the recent Holiday Season Air Travel Press
Conference, representatives from the Transportation Security
Administration (TSA) spoke about how to prepare for going through security
screening. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) shared the holiday
travel forecast, while the Airport Police conveyed travel safety and
Customs & Border Protection (CBP) showed us hands-on what “not” to bring
into the country when returning from an overseas trip.

In closing,Christina Selter “Pet Safety Lady” founder of Bark Buckle UP, the trusted
authority for pet travel safety, shared with us some tips for traveling
safe with pets. Her Furry friends helped her demonstrate airline
approved, pet carriers, crates and a “BONE”afide pet pat down, TSA style.

Nearly 2.9 million passengers will pass through LAX from Friday December
17 through January 2nd 2011 and some of those nearly 3 million passengers
will have pets. Number one tip from LAX, TSA CBP and Pet Safety Lady, is:
“be early”!

Pet Safety Lady emBARKed her national airport tour live from LAX. The
tour was formed to help educate pet owners on how to travel safer with
their pets nationwide.

“Safety starts on the way to the airport. To
ensure ultimate safety, comfort and convenience for two and four-legged
passengers, be sure to plan, pack and follow the rules”, said Pet Safety
Lady. Her airport tour will take a giant BITE out of pet air travel
“We were honored to see that Pet Safety Lady used the Sturdi Tote at the
press conference to teach the public how to keep their pet safe in cabin
when traveling by air,” said Penny Johnson, Executive Vice President,
Sturdi Products, Inc.
Guests were chomping at the bit to hear her Pet Air Travel Safety Tips

• Fees (average is $100)
• Cabin or cargo: A pet under 20 pounds, which includes the carrier and can
go in cabin, under your seat. Larger pets travel as cargo. Lock your
carrier and keep ID on carrier.
• Check-in: A reservation for pets is required. Your pet will be your
carry-on bag.
• Security: Pet Pat Down TSA style may be required for some pets. Your
carrier goes through the x-ray machine but your pet is removed from its
carrier and walks through with you.
• Airports are required to have Pet potty areas (LAX has 5).
• Packing for pets: Be sure to bring medicines, food, a toy or chew bone,
ID tag, collar/harness & leash.
• Size & health: Healthy to fly = current shots. All states require Rabies
vaccinations and that the animal be at least eight weeks old.
• Snub nose pets like a Pug cannot fly as cargo.
• Airline transfers: Different carriers = you are required to pick up your
pet at baggage and transfer to other carrier. When transferring with the
same carrier, that airline will transfer your pet for you.
• Service dogs with proper ID travel in cabin free of charge.
• Weather safety restrictions apply: Above 85 degrees and below 20,
degrees pets don’t fly.

For the full list of pet air travel tips, full release and more quotes
please visit and click on the airplane. Video

About: Christina Selter “Pet Safety Lady” founder of Bark Buckle UP® works
with first responders nationwide teaching pet safety and has buckled UP
more then 10,000 pets. Education is the first step to show that pet safety
is connected to human safety, which helps to save lives. Christina has
been featured in more then 1200 TV, radio, segments including print and
online takes it over tens of thousands, Bark Buckle UP received more then
100 MILLION in circulations and impressions in the first year, she has
directed, produced several pet safety PSA’s and created Be Smart Ride
Safe-take the pledge Buckle Up the whole family.
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