Family of diabetic dog needs help

During recent travels to Sedona, AZ, we discovered a grrr-eat dog park on Soldiers Pass Road. We also stopped at a veterinary clinic where we learned about a Sedona family dealing with tough financial times and struggling to figure out a way to pay for the monthly vet bills for their lovable chocolateLabrador named Jake. He is 7 years old, mild-mannered and full of affection. However, his vet bills come to $325.93 each month.

The father is struggling in the construction field and the mother’s job at an art gallery is not enough to make ends meet. They have two children. Writes Jillian, “With Gas, homeowners insurance, APS, water, Verizon etc. we barely have money left over for food. I don’t want to euthanize my sweet pet. We love him soooo much.”

If any of you has answers, a way to reach out to this family in need, please email Jillian directly at Something in my heart tells me that this family truly needs help and this dog, Jake is a wonderful dog who just happened to be diagnosed with diabetes.

They are searching for some “furry angels” to help them with Jake’s bills. Thanks, Four Legged Life family!

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