(Dog) Bootie Call Yields Funny Photos

For an upcoming issue of YOUR DOG, my assignment called for me to test 5 popular brands of dog booties (yes, you did read write). I enlisted the aid of several dogs of various sizes, ages, breeds and temperaments to serve as my official “test dogs.” Most of the dogs, surprisingly, adapted to wearing booties quickly. In reviewing the dozens of photos to select the best ones for my editor, Betty Liddick, I discovered these gems — a couple of candid canine photos that I can share here, but obviously, will not appear in the prestigious pages of YOUR DOG, a national monthly affiliated with the vet school at Tufts.

So, for your enjoyment, I present these two photos starring my dog, Cleo (she is the one who “appears” to be giving me the raspberries) and Jack, the ultra-cool terrier belonging to Leash Your Fitness director Dawn Celapino. Jack appears to be showing off some new doggy dance moves. Care to share any “furry outtake photos” on this blog? Be happy to post them!

Cleo unleashes some "raspberries" during the dog bootie testing.

Wow! This terrier named Jack is one amazing party animal - check out his moves!

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