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Arden Moore has written more than 24 books on topics that are most important to pet parents and pet professionals, alike.  A quick search on Amazon will reveal Arden’s Author Page and the critical acclaim many of her books have received.

This page provides an overview of her most popular titles, and allows you to purchase your very own copy!

what dogs want book coverWhat Dogs Want
What Dogs Want: A Visual Guide to Understanding Your Dog’s Every Move profiles 100 postures, expressions, sounds and actions. This globally-released book is your answer to resolving people-dog miscommunication.

Price: $12.07. Available on

Fit Dog Book coverFit Dog
Tips and Tricks to Give Your Pet a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life. Fit Dog covers every part of a dog’s life, and includes topics seldom covered in dog books, such as budgeting, three methods of CPR, and party games that join people, guests and dogs in the pursuit of fun.

Price: $18.50. Available on

dog behavior book coverThe Dog Behavior Answer Book
Voted Best Behavior/Training book by Dog Writers Association of America
End your canine confusion by pawing through the practical insights and answers offered in this question-and-answer format.

Price: $14.95 > Available on

happy dog book cover Happy Dog, Happy You
Co-Winner of the 2010 Pinnacle Age Award for best books
Arden offers hundreds of low-fuss, time and money-saving ways to better connect with your canine chum.

Price: $10.95 > Available on

real food for dogs book coverReal Food for Dogs
Ranked as high as #6 overall among ALL books on!
This book offers 50 vet-approved recipes, including many for people to make this a time- and money-saver in the kitchen.

Price: $10.95 > Available on

tricks and games book coverTricks & Games
Teach your dog some cool tricks and bring out the play in both of you!

Price: $6.75 > Available on

tricks and games book coverDog Parties: How to Party with Your Pup
Arden shows how to sneak in good doggy manners and unleash the true party animal inside you with plenty of tricks and tips in this book.

Price: $8.95 > Available on

healthy dog book coverHealthy Dog: The Ultimate Fitness Guide for You and Your Dog
Your best workout buddy IS your dog. This book makes fitness fun and offers meaty nutritional advice.

Price: $16.95 > Available on

come sit stay book coverCome, Sit, Stay
Discover creative ways to get your dog to master the 3 MUST obedience commands.

Price: $6.95 > Available on

dog training book coverDog Training: A Lifelong Guide
Five top dog trainers share their secrets in this five-in-one book to bring out the best in any dog of any age.

Price: $16.95 > Available on

happy dog book coverHappy Dog: How Busy People Care for Their Dogs
Here’s a stress-free guide for time-pressed people to better connect with their dogs by co-authors Arden Moore and Lowell Ackerman, DVM.

Price: $16.95 > Available on

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