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Arden Moore has written more than 26 books on topics that are most important to pet parents and pet professionals, alike.  A quick search on Amazon will reveal Arden’s Author Page and the critical acclaim many of her books have received.

This page provides an overview of her most popular titles, and allows you to purchase your very own copy!

A Kid’s Guide to Cats

Written in an engaging, playful style, pet expert Arden Moore helps kids understand how cats think and what they need to be happy and healthy, whether socializing a spunky new kitten or welcoming an adult cat into a household. Sharing feline advice in sidebars throughout the book is Arden’s outgoing orange tabby, Pet Safety Cat Casey. Kids will learn  how to read a cat’s body language, proper litter box protocol, why and how cats purr, “ask the vet” Q&As, trivia, DIY cat toys, and even tips for training a cat to come when called (yes, you can!).

Prices: Paperback – $14.95, Hard Cover – $24.95, Kindle – $14.95. Available on

Fit Cat
Fit Cat book coverTips and Tricks to Give Your Pet a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life. In 14 chapters, the book covers every part of a cat’s life. There is information seldom covered in cat books — such as budgeting, staying in hotels, assessing health at home and reducing anxiety — and also includes problem solving and more than a dozen games that will engage even the laziest of cats.

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cat behavior book cover The Cat Behavior Answer Book
Voted Best Training/Behavior book by Cat Writers Association. Frustrated by your finicky feline? Arden provides the answers to numerous cat quirks and antics in this question-and-answer format.
Price: $14.95 > Available on

happy cat happy you book coverHappy Cat Happy You
Co-Winner of the 2010 Pinnacle Age Award for best books
Arden brings out the best in you and your cat with hundreds of time- and money-saving tips.

Price: $10.95 > Available on

planet cat book coverPlanet Cat
The ultimate book on everything feline contains more than 400 lists on cat trivia, history, behavior and more. Co-written with Sandy and Harry Choron.
Price: $14.95 > Available on

kittens owner manual book coverThe Kitten Owner’s Manual
Solutions to all your kitten quandaries in an easy-to-follow in this
question-and-answer format.

Price: $12.95 > Available on

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