Birthday Wish Comes True: A Hug from Betty White

Few people on this planet make me giddy. Notable exception: Betty White. This ageless advocate for pets and wildlife is 90 years YOUNG and sports more energy and passion that a trio of 30-year-olds. So, I aimed high this year for my birthday wish.

As host of the Oh Behave Show on Pet LifeArdenBettyWhite Radio, I was part of the media pack covering the 2nd annual American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards at the Beverly Hills Hilton on Oct. 6 — my birthday.

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to be with ordinary dogs who have done extraordinary things and genuine pet-supporting celebrities strolling by on the red carpet. Eight special dogs were finalists for this year’s award won by Gabe, a retired military dog who has saved countless lives and provide canine compassion to military men and women during his 13-month tour of duty in Iraq. He and his handler-now-proud-pet parent Sgt. Charles Shuck saluted all attendees, the military all over the globe and dogs who every day give us unconditional love.

Now back to Betty White. She has been a guest on my radio show and we’ve exchanged autographed copies of our books to one another, but this was our first meeting. The cameras were rolling and the media was pleading with Betty to please stop and chat during her walk down the red carpet. I was fortunate that she did stop when I introduced myself and let her know it was my birthday. She gave me a hug and wished me a happy birthday.

I also received birthday hugs from Josh Hopkins, a star on the comedy, Cougar Town (with Courtney Cox) and Mark Stiennes, former Entertainment Tonight host now doing shows for Hallmark. Not a bad birthday.

And my year-long birthday wish is one that I never alter: to do my best to bring out the best in dogs, cats and other critters on this planet. They bring so much to us and deserve our love, attention and healthy treats.

Learn more about the Hero Dogs by clicking here. You will make Betty White proud.

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