Sid Pinkerton – from drab to FAB

Arden and may not win any fashion runway awards but she sure likes this story!

Originally from the Midwest, Pinkerton has lived in New York for the past 25 years
and he “loves the diversity that is NYC, everything is here – whether you like it or
not – you learn to respect it and tolerate it, diversity is what makes this city so

Curtis grew up in Long Island as a child with Sandy Hirsch, now owner of Wags &
Tags. As they have known each other their entire lives, they have a tight

Sid and his husband Curtis (together for 16 years) and their dog Bailey enjoy being
on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, near Riverside Park and Central Park where
there are lots of options for dog play. “NYC is such a dog friendly city. When most
people visit they say I had no idea there were so many pets in NYC.”

Sid has always owned rescue dogs, but Bailey is his first Wheaton. Their Soft Coated
Wheaton Terrier is ten years old “but we tell everyone that he is eight” says Sid
with a wink.

When Pinkerton started his Home Interior Design Business 7 years ago, Sandy Hirsch
was his first customer. When Sandy launched Wags & Tags, it was important for Sid to
be her first customer. The second that went live, Sid bought Bailey a Silver with CZ Pave Wags and Tags
dog tag online. “Sandy has a natural love for pets and jewelry and a passion for
this business. Because of that passion, she makes beautiful jewelry with a
sophistication level not yet seen in the industry. So Sid has always been behind the
idea 100 percent.

Plus, Sandy has always been truly supportive of the gay and lesbian community. Most
recently, her tireless efforts to bring equal benefits to her gay and lesbian

When Bailey wears his Wags & Tags, “I get tons of compliments!” says Sid. They say
“wow, that is so beautiful and fancy” and then he refers them to the Wags & Tags

“Initially what people respond to is the bling and quality factor. It’s extremely
well made,” reports Pinkerton. Some gush “Oh I love it and I want one.”

Baily has been wearing it every day for one year, it is attached to his Swarovski
studded leather collar, made of dark brown leather with opals and clear and amber
colored Swarovski crystals. “My dog is going to be ten so he needs some bling!” says

“He hasn’t always worn bling, it’s kind of a bling time frame that his father and he
are going through. It’s so easy to find cutesy stuff for the tiny dogs, it’s really
hard to find something cool and sophisticated for a medium or large sized dogs.

I designed a custom dog collar during my last trip to California because I knew
Sandy was coming out with the dog tag to match.”

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about Sindy Hirsch and Wags & Tags please visit

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