Keep Tabs on Your Pet Anytime with Tagg – The Pet Tracker

You gotta love technology that goes to the dogs..and cats. And products that give us peace of mind in knowing where our pets are 24-7. A new product for consideration among caring pet parents: Tagg – The Pet Tracker. This lightweight, durable device fits securely on your pet’s collar and uses advanced GPS technology to alert you where your pet is via a mobile phone, mobile device or computer.

The product was created by Snaptracs, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm, the world leader in mobile technologies. At a media sneak peek meeting earlier this summer, I also discovered that the team members behind Tagg are also major pet lovers. Many quickly shared photos of their pets from their cell phones.

“As pet owners ourselves, we were inspired to design a purpose-built solution that provides owners the peace of mind that their pet is where he or she is supposed to be,” says Dave Vigil, president of Snaptracs and proud owner of dogs named Hershey and Tag. “We are proud to have developed a simple-to-use and affordable tracking system that will help reunite pet and owner quickly if the pet wanders off.”

Here are the specifics:  Tagg tracker is designed for dog sand cats over 10 pounds. It is built to handle rigorous play and rolling and even swimming. The battery lasts up to 30 days. There’s a trip button, which allows you to take walks, car rides or travel with your pet without sending you an alert. After all, your pet is right there with you!  Service is provided on the Verizon wireless network. Cost for the Tagg Master Kit, which includes all hardware and one-year of service, is $199.99. Tagg is expected to be available for the first time in September.

To learn more, I invite you to ‘sniff around” Tagg’s website or follow it on Twitter (@TaggTracker) and Facebook. Please send me your feedback about this new pet tech product!

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