Four Legged Life celebrates 1st anniversary — no fooling!

Happy to share the grrr-eat news! Today – yes, April 1st — marks the one-year anniversary of the unleashing of my online pet community and company brand — Four Legged Life — no fooling!

As a pet expert, my quest is to help you ‘laugh, love and learn’ about your pets so everyone benefits.  Here are some highlights from the first year:

* Expanded the monthly and free ‘edu-taining’ Arden Moore Knows Pets e-newsletter, stuffed with pet trivia, pet news, pet profiles and lots of giveaways. Sign up now by clicking here.

* Propelled our Oh Behave show on Pet Life Radio to rank #1 among all pet podcasts (based on the voting in the 4th annual International Podcast Awards). Guests have included Victoria Stilwell, Betty White, Dr. Marty Becker, Dr. Nicholas Dodman and even Jim Davis, creator of Garfield the cat.

* Served as pet behavior expert for Wag World’s Dream Dog Park contest. Happy to announce Beneful is staging another dream dog park event so your community has a chance for ‘barking bragging’ rights if you win. Details will be coming soon.

* Joined the advisory board for the much-viewed Pet Connection team led by Dr. Marty Becker and Gina Spadafori. Together, this duo is committed to bringing the latest and greatest pet news to their international audience.

* Appeared on Tales for the Pet Lover’s Heart, a national annual TV show that profiles 5-6 people each year who are dedicated to bringing out the best in pets.Catch a quick video clip from this show by clicking here.

* Adopted a very cool rescue cat named Zeki who survived a brutal knife attack as a stray and who now charms audiences all over the country. This lovable cat will do anything — if you have turkey treats!

* Trained my dogs, Chipper and Cleo to tandem surf. Talk about hang 40! When they see me bring out the doggy life vests, they start howling with delight!

More importantly, I have had the opportunity to connect with top people in the pet world, passionate pet parents and enlighten and educate children — our youngest team of pet ambassadors. I truly feel blessed to be able to strive to make a difference for all the two, three and four-leggers on this planet.

This year, we are embarking on an ambitious quest by hosting the first National Dog Party Day on June 24. Four Legged Life is teaming up with Pet Sitters International, the sponsor of the very popular “Take Your Dog to Work Day” event. On June 24, in San Diego and New York City, we are staging events that spotlight “working like a dog” by day and then we will “party like a pup” at night. We also give paws and applause to our other partners: K9 Cakery, Pet Life Radio and Whitegate PR.  Our ultimate goal — to party with a purpose and stage the national’s largest dog party (virtual and in person) all across the country. Learn more details on how you can participate by visiting Dog Party Day. We are looking for sponsors and vendors as well as well-mannered dogs. Join us in this celebration and heed our motto: party fur-ever!

Thanks for being part of Four Legged Life and I look forward to more fur-filled adventures with you this year!  Arden Moore, Four Legged Life founder

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