Chipper gives paws up to Paw Pleasers’ doggy ice cream treat!

File this under another reason why it truly is a dog’s life. Here’s a short video of my dog, Chipper at a pet expo in San Diego. It’s hot. The place is crowded. We just finished a vigorous hour-long workout with Leash Your Fitness.

As founder of Four Legged Life and a certified pet first-aid instructor, I went to the pet expo to network. As we make our way from booth to booth, we both spot the Paw Pleasers booth at the same time. Chipper wags her tail and smiles at me.

She is hot and deserves a cool treat. Paw Pleasers owner Loree Silver makes healthy ice cream for dogs that is non-dairy, lactose-free and as you can see by Chipper’s actions in the video — delicious! If you want to treat your dog or host a dog party event, Chipper and I encourage you to check out the Paw Pleasers shop in San Diego.

Here’s the link to the video:

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