Check Out These Catty New Year’s Resolutions from Marilyn Krieger

Call Marilyn Krieger ‘catty,’ and she is apt to thank you. After all, she ranks as one of the top experts in what I call the ‘feline mystique.’ She is an animal behavior consultant and must-read author who really knows why cats do what they do.

That’s why it gives me great pleasure to make the first post of my Four Legged Life blog to be the link from Marilyn about her cat resolutions. I urge all of you to get your paws on her new book, Cat Fancy’s Naughty No More! And learn more about Marilyn by visiting her site

So, without further delay, I present Marilyn Krieger’s Top Five New Year’s Resolutions for Cats:

5. I resolve to improve my litter box accuracy;
4. I resolve to scratch only my own furniture and ignore my parent’s sofas and curtains;
3. I resolve not to dance on tabletops and counters or sleep on computer keyboards;
2. I resolve to play nice and not bite my parent, my parent’s friends or other cats; and
1. I resolve not to let my curiosity take one of my nine lives.

Just like people, cats need an experienced coach to keep them on track. Marilyn Krieger, known as The Cat Coach, solves the leading cat behavior challenges through a combination of clicker training, situation management and other positive reinforcement techniques. Krieger’s book, CAT FANCY’S NAUGHTY NO MORE!, being published by BowTie Press early January, will help cats and their guardians achieve behavior goals.

Thousands of cat lovers are familiar with Marilyn Krieger through her monthly column for Cat Fancy magazine and its website,, where she serves as a resident cat behaviorist. She also contributes articles to Tuft University’s Catnip magazine, Cats USA and Kittens USA, and has appeared on Animal Planet’s Cats 101.

About The Cat Coach
Marilyn Krieger, a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, is an internationally recognized and veterinarian-referred cat behavior specialist, who offers both on-site and telephonic consultation sessions throughout the world. Her intelligent, capable advice solves diverse behavior problems for all breeds of cats. For more information, visit or telephone 650.780.9485. # # #

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