Are You Boring Your Dog? Confess!

Talented wordsmith and self-proclaimed dog slave Edie Jarolim has unleashed a new book you ‘mutts” get your paws on! It’s aptly named, “Am I Boring My Dog and 99 Other Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew.”  So, it’s time for a little canine confession session — are YOU boring your dog? Please post specifics. When I must spend hours on the keyboard and my dogs, Chipper and Cleo are patiently taking their 14th afternoon nap of the day, I do feel like I am boring them. So, word to the wise — book time — even 5-10 minutes — to take a work break and play with your dog. It’s good for you, for your dog and will help you focus on the task at hand.  Please check out Edie’s website:

Here’s a fun YouTube video promoting her book:

Edie — your dog, Frankie looks a lot like my marvelous mutt, Cleo! Paws Up!

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